10 October 2023

Scholarship Week | November 2023

Scholarship Week

We are delighted to announce Northbourne Park School's upcoming Scholarship Week, which will be taking place Monday 6 November - Friday 10 November 2023. 

We recognise the value of welcoming candidates into the school with a particular aptitude for different areas of school life. These children will receive an all-round excellent education at Northbourne Park School, as well as receiving individual support for their particular talent (or talents!).

For external candidates, scholarship awards are available from Years 3 to 8. We also welcome candidates in Year 2 who will be transitioning into Year 3 in September 2023. 

During Scholarship Week, children will be invited into school to experience a normal school day, and will take part in a range of appropriate activities and assessed tasks in their chosen area. Afterwards, the School will make a decision on whether to award a scholarship and the size of the award.

To enquire about booking a place for your child or to request further information, fill out our online form or contact admissions@northbournepark.com.

Northbourne Park School Scholarships

  1. Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are awarded to pupils who demonstrate high ability in standardised assessments and school scholarship exams.

  1. Sport Scholarships

Pupils who demonstrate a particular aptitude in sports. 

  1. Creative and Performing Arts Scholarships

Creative and Performing Arts Scholarships (Art, D.T., Music, Dance and Drama) are open to pupils who demonstrate a  particular aptitude in these fields.  

Scholarship awards are offered up to a maximum of 25% remission on day fees, although they may be supplemented by a bursary. No combination of financial awards can exceed 50%. For more information on the admissions process and school fees, please visit the admissions pages for more information.