6e and 5e

Northbourne Park School is unique with its Section Francaise Bilingue programme. For over 30 years the school has run the programme offering places to children in French Lycées from across Europe, in particular from France, Spain and Portugal.

As the school is fully accredited by the Lycée de Londres, the children can complete their French programmes of study in CM2, 6e and 5e whilst fully integrating into the life of our school. They mix with the UK children, perfect their English and experience the vast range of activities from sport, drama, music, creativity and outdoor education as well as being part of the boarding community. In turn, the UK children benefit from this overseas influence, making friends and growing in confidence with their French and Spanish. 

6e Form Teacher: Mme Sophie Papougnot (and Head of Section Française Bilingue)

5e Form Teacher: M Patrick Papougnot (and French classes Maths, Science)