The Academic Curriculum

Learning does not just take place in the classroom at Northbourne Park and we encourage our children to explore the boundaries between their academic, extra-curricular and pastoral lives. We believe that education for children of this age should be as broad as it is deep.

We also believe that a child’s education should be fun and engaging, challenging, and designed to capture their imaginations and provide them with a balanced educational experience that will stimulate them.

Our curriculum is an enhanced version of the National Curriculum. It is challenging, and designed to give a balanced and stretching educational experience for each child, covering all aspects of academic endeavour. The Arts and Sciences complement each other and Sports coaching and tuition is of the highest calibre.

One of the hallmarks of the school is the provision of specialist subject teaching through the school, drawing on the expertise and enthusiasm of highly skilled staff. French, Spanish, Music, History, Geography, English, Maths and Science among others are taught by specialist teachers from Year 3 with PSHE, Religious Studies, Drama and Outdoor Education integral additional facets of our curriculum.

The school is well resourced with I.C.T. technology used in many classrooms and a dedicated I.C.T. suite.

Our small classes ensure that we can offer each child the very best individual attention. Our teachers are skilful at harnessing the curiosity of the young and inspiring in them the confidence and independence to take control of their own learning, exploring cross-curricular strands as much as possible and seeing extensions to class work in the extra-curricular life of the school and in evening societies.