Welcome to the Prep School

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Years 3 to 8 (ages 7 - 13)


The Prep School provides a high-energy, stimulating educational experience for all of our boys and girls as they make their way to either Kent Grammar Schools at 11+ or to Public Schools at 13+. 

The children are very much at the centre of all we do here, and the Northbourne Park experience is a team effort, with the staff, children, parents and governors all working together to provide a stimulating education which is as broad as it is deep. 

Our educational philosophy is simple and successful; if your child is happy, supported and cared for in their educational lives, they will want to work hard and to get involved in a wide range of stimulating extra-curricular activities and contribute to the school community. 

Outstanding pastoral care ensures that we focus on the individual needs of every child, encouraging them and inspiring them to succeed across a wide range of learning experiences whether in the classroom, in sport, music, drama and outdoor education or in the wide range of other activities on offer to them at the school. 

Our buildings, park and woodland provide wonderful spaces for children to enjoy their educational journey, whether it is playing in the woods, camping out, following the pioneering Outdoor Education programme or developing a strong interest in their natural surroundings.

Northbourne Park children are proud to be individuals and are all different. They are however widely recognised as articulate, hard-working, confident, considerate and very much 'free-range' in their attitudes; they are able to think laterally to find solutions and have an unusually mature moral compass based in firm spiritual values which are to the benefits of our whole community. 

In the last few years, Northbourne Park boys and girls have progressed with confidence and often with Scholarships to King’s Canterbury, Eton, Tonbridge, Benenden, St Edmund’s Canterbury, Stowe, Kent College and further afield. Our French and Spanish pupils in the parallel academic classes in Year 7 and 8 return to French and Spanish lycées after one or two years with us.