Sport at our Pre-Prep

Our aims and objectives 

To give every child the best sporting opportunity, whilst endeavouring to help each individual fulfil their true potential. 

How do we do this? 

By providing great facilities and a wide range of sporting disciplines. We believe in achieving this through a dedicated, professional and caring team of Games staff. 

 We believe that providing a structured yet fun approach to sport at a young age can only help each child to develop sporting talents further and faster. It also provides the school with a uniform method of teaching PE and Games from Nursery through to Year 8. 

Our Year 2s come to the Prep School to do all their PE lessons with a Prep member of Staff teaching them, this aids them with their transition from Pre-Prep to Prep and lets them play on our Astra pitch, Cricket pitch and in our Sports Hall.

Craig Riley 
Director of Sport