Catering & Menus

Holroyd Howe joined forces with Northbourne Park to provide tasty, exciting, nutritious food to the children and staff at Northbourne Park School.

Meals at Northbourne Park are taken in either the Pre-Prep or main school dining room, where pupils benefit from age appropriate menus, surroundings and support from their teachers and catering assistants.

In the Prep school children may choose from a wide variety of foods, including the dish of the day, vegetarian meals, hot desserts and a self-service salad and cold dessert bar.  Pupils eat with their friends, supervised by a member of school staff, with the catering team on hand to ensure there is always good availability of hot (and cold) tasty, well presented food.

Holroyd Howe works hand in hand with both pastoral and facilities staffs to ensure our pupils are receiving nutritious, well balanced meals, nurturing the children, encouraging new tastes and promoting a healthy lifestyle in a clean, safe environment. Almost all of our food is cooked from scratch, by chefs, using fresh locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. We happily cater for pupils with special dietary requirements such as vegetarian, dairy/lactose intolerance and gluten-free diets.

Our Catering Manager and team welcome the opportunity to talk both to parents and pupils about any special dietary needs or concerns that they may have and can be contacted through the school office.

**September 2023 Menus are coming soon!**