Life beyond Northbourne Park

Our independent status means that we can prepare pupils for a wide variety of schools and we aim to place each child in the best school most suited to their individual needs. This is achieved through discussions between staff, parents and pupils, and close liaison with senior schools. 

Children can leave Northbourne Park at 11 to enter local grammar schools via the Kent Test, but most remain at the school to sit Common Entrance exams to senior independent schools. In 2019, all Year 6 pupils who passed the Kent Test remained at Northbourne Park School for Years 7 & 8.  

We are very proud of the successes of our children over many years. Each year since our foundation we have achieved 100% pass rate in Common Entrance. Several children also take scholarship exams set by individual senior schools. Scholarships on offer depend on the senior school, but usually include Academic, Music, Art, Drama, Sport, All-rounder, and the decision for a pupil to pursue a scholarship is a collaborative one.  

In recent years, Year 8 children leaving Northbourne Park have gone on to: Eton, Harrow, Benenden, The Kings School Canterbury, Cheltenham College, St Edmunds Canterbury, Kent College, Dover College, and Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School.  

Most of our French and Spanish pupils return to continue their studies in their home country or at the local Lycée Français but some remain in the English education system. In 2020 a 5e pupil gained a place at The King’s School Canterbury, and in 2022, a further four international pupils have gained places at The King’s School Canterbury, Benenden and St Edmund’s Canterbury. Children in the French system take the Cambridge English exams as well as the Lycée Français exams and we have an exemplary success rate. 

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