Badgers - Year 2 ( 6 - 7 Years)

Year 2

Daily Routine

8.00am               Early Breakfast
8.30am Registration


9.30am Literacy
10.30am Snack followed by outdoor play
11.00am Maths
12.00pm French
12.40pm Lunch and outdoor play

2.00pm -


Afternoon activities, such as P.E., Topic, Science, R.E., Forest School, Computing
4.00pm Home Time

4.00pm -


Late service available with tea at 5pm


Children read daily, usually individually, or occasionally in groups.  Class Two children continue to use the Letters and Sounds spelling scheme.  We have a wide range of reading books to cater for every child’s needs and preferences.  Children are taught to use cursive handwriting.


Maths starts with a whole class lesson, and then continues with children working in small groups where their individual needs are taken into account.  We follow the national curriculum maths strategy.

Other Subjects

Science lessons follow different themes which, as far as possible, make maximum use of our rich local outdoor environment.  Typically, over the year, we study Habitats, Living Things, Forces, Our Bodies, Healthy Eating, Materials and Growing Food.

History and Geography are taught through topics.  We have many outings to support these areas of study such as visiting Dover Museum, the beach, the local nature reserve, The Observatory Science Centre at Herstmonceux and the East Kent Ploughing Match.


French, Music and Forest School are taught to a high standard by specialist teachers.


Daily reading to parents is encouraged, as is practising spellings for a weekly test. Children will also be given a small piece of maths work to complete.

Transition to the Prep-School

A strong emphasis is placed on preparing the children for a seamless transition to Year Three. To this end, we spend some time at the Prep-School every week.  From the autumn term we spend one afternoon a week at the Prep-School making use of the Science lab and ICT suite. This then increases during the summer term to include a lunch and other lessons.  We find that this builds the Class Two children’s confidence, familiarity and enthusiasm for the move “up the road”, and indeed, the older children look forward to our visits.  At the end of the year we put into place a “buddy” system, pairing a Class Two child with an older child who will then take them under their wing the following September.

Class Teacher: Miss Chloe Kingsland
Teaching Assistant:  Miss Lauren Britt, Miss Alice Hambrook