This year has been the best year I've ever had so far in my life.  My aim was to improve my English which I've done quite well.  I have also learned how to play drums and piano very well which is a big achievement for me.  I would like to say thank you to all my teachers who pushed me to my best along the year in every subject.  Thank you also to all the boarding staff who kept me safe in a great house all year long.

- Cinquième Leaver

We have been extremely happy with Northbourne Park over the past four years and have enjoyed watching our son gain maturity and confidence, not only in his academics but in sport, music, leadership and drama. My husband and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your vibrant team for their support and enthusiasm with xxxxxx. We have a somewhat heavy heart that he is leaving and have enjoyed being part of the NPS buzz as parents. 

xxxxxx probably does not appreciate his experiences as much as one might expect at this stage in his life, but we feel certain he will look back on this time with great joy and realise what a fortunate boy he has been.

Thank you all so much

- Parents of a Year 6 boy

Our daughter has been offered a place at Dover Girl's Grammar School starting in the Autumn term. She and the rest of us will always remember the years spent at NPS with a warm glow. Sending her to NPS was not a decision we took lightly but it turned out to be an excellent choice. She has made good use of the opportunities the school has offered and thrived in the environment therein. The firm but friendly approach has broadened her skills, honed her social interaction and increased her educational confidence. Many thanks for all your help and guidance.

- A parent of a Year 6 girl

I would just like to thank you and everyone else at Northbourne for making my time at NPS unforgettable, and the best it could have possibly been.  They say you don’t realise what you’ve got until it’s gone, and it’s true. 

I would do anything to come and spend one more day at NPS.  Not only are the teachers inspirational, but the pupils are diverse and the headmaster makes the school what it is.  Everything about your school is perfect.  Even the food is ‘unique’.

The Leadership is what made me want to come to NPS in the first place.  I remember on my tour round seeing the children running around in boilersuits, covered in mud and just knowing it was the right school. 

Year 7 was amazing, and Year 8 was even better, and it wouldn’t have been the same without my form teachers, Mrs Crouch and Miss Goodall, who I admire and look up to, and owe a lot of thanks to.  Also 7C and 8G were two of the best years of my life with our crazy plane crash assembly and our cow cat walk. 

NPS is a one of a kind, unique school, with it’s fire building, dress up for charity craziness and I hope no-one ever changes it, because it is perfect, the way it is. 

Anyone not going to NPS is making a mistake.  Thank you so much for everything. 

Best wishes for the future

 - A Year 8 leaver

XXXXX has just been in Northbourne Park School for one month. I can say, what she has achieved and changed in herself is amazing to me. She is not the girl who she was a month ago, her transformation is totally down to the education in NPS and to the education of UK which encourages my confidence to send both my kids to have their boarding education in UK. XXXXX is a lucky girl who is independent in spirit and who has the dream that she can be the best student at school, and the best is she is willing to work for it. To have a dream is the most wonderful thing in the world, to help others to realise their dreams is the most a wonderful work in the world. That is why in China we call teachers "soul engineers". She needs the help of you to realize her dream, no matter what the result is, the course is much more worthy. Even though we are thousands of miles away from school, my husband and I are fully willing to do something for school. We totally agree that NPS is the best choice we have made for XXXXX, thank you.

An Overseas Parent

Northbourne Park School has been the perfect place for both my son and me - and I will always be so grateful for the school's support.

A Year 6 Parent

I wanted to pass on some feedback that you are welcome to share. When over in Sweden this Summer, we had a party for friends and family. xxxxx decided a few days before the party that as it was his party he was going to say a few words at the guests’ arrival. He took this very seriously and did his own practicing etc. On the day - we had 100 people there. He stepped up on a chair and gave his presentation.

He was very confident. People were amazed by his performance (thinking we had asked him) - we told everyone that this is what he gets taught at his school – (and as children don't start school until 7 and indeed don't do public speaking until later, they could not believe it).

NAME OF PARENTS were immensely proud (as we had been unsure whether he would follow through on the day). I wanted to share it as it is a clear indication that your method of encouraging them to perform/present from an early age gives results.

Testimonial from Parents of a Reception Boy

My year at Northbourne was the best year I’ve ever had.

I still remember as if it was yesterday the day I came and I wish it wasn’t over yet.

The best things were when we got Moca the hamster which all started the third weekend of the year when we wrote a letter to the Headmaster asking for a cat.  He said no to a cat, but yes to a hamster.

Another best thing was Sports Day. At my old school we didn’t do much sport so when I came here I loved sport, but I was completely rubbish at it and I had never had a Sports Day. When it was Sports Day I was so completely happy and entertained by cheering at everybody (no matter the house) and the running and jumping.

The thing I am going to miss the people most at NPS, all my friends and basically everyone.

NPS is the holidays but with classes!!!!

My Year at Northbourne

Both PUPIL NAME and PUPIL NAME have benefited enormously from their time at Northbourne Park and it will be a significant wrench to move on for our family. From what I have learnt thus far about both secondary schools the transition from an educational perspective will be comparatively easy with lesson timetables, needing to organise yourself for lessons, participative sport and homework all things they have mastered at Northbourne Park.

- Parents

We are so happy to come back to your wonderful school, where PUPIL NAME got such a good experience. When we think about NPS, only positive thoughts come to our mind and it is fantastic. I think we will discuss that face to face with you, but your school is really great.

We are very happy that two of our best friends will have their sons at NPS next year

- A parent 

Thank you and all the staff for giving the children such a wonderful World War One Trip.   A huge amount of effort, I am sure, went into organising everything and the actual day itself sounded fantastic and it gave them a reality to all that they have studied in history with you on this subject.

The memories will remain with them and thank you once again for bringing history to life.  

My son had his history book open on the subject until the late hours last night so once again it ignited his interest in the subject, one which we know will continue to progress in the years to come.

- A French parent 

We will be forever grateful for the school’s contributions in nurturing our son’s potential.#

- A parent

Our daughter has blossomed at Northbourne Park for which we thank you and the faculty that allows Northbourne’s educational magic to happen.

 - Parent of a Year 6 girl

'We would like to thank everyone at Northbourne Park for everything that has been done over the last two years - the extra-curricular achievements, the extra mile of effort and the extraordinary motivational skills the children benefit from.

The extra effort was most apparent when YEAR 5 GIRL and YEAR 6 BOY first arrived and were quickly made to feel part of the family. The pastoral care has far exceeded that which we imagined possible and has made all the difference to YEAR 6 BOY, particularly with regard to his social confidence and his classroom interaction which followed as a result.

Time given by yourself and staff in respect of sophists, school plays, informal concerts,sports days, away matches, overnight camps and maths club have all been successful in stimulating learning and broadening horizons.

The relatively small size of the school has allowed YEAR 6 BOY the opportunity to represent the school in every term's sporting activity which has given him peer group confidence that we did not realise he had within him. The leadership programme has dovetailed with his cubs and scouts activities and further developed his peer relationships. The sports coaching and outdoors programme has ensured YEAR 6 BOY has always looked forward to every day of school.

It had been suggested that YEAR 6 BOY was tone deaf and heading for a musical career in the percussion department but he has been overheard singing unprompted at home and motivated to be learning two instruments. The informal concerts are an excellent way to help children become comfortable and accustomed to an audience.

It is a credit to yourself and all the staff that there is something intangible, like a glue, that holds all these activities and creativity in balance and ensures that what is learnt in one area of the curriculum is utilised elsewhere without anyone realising the planning. The school's familial and relaxed atmosphere sets NPS over and above the other local choices as the auntie and uncle personas of the teachers are a refreshing change from the governesses and paramilitaries to be found elsewhere.

There is a positivity that flows through the corridors within the children who have been made to feel confident enough to encourage and praise the success of others rather than belittle and snipe when a pupil shows themselves to be above the others. This creates drive and energy and a never give up mentality soon follows but rightly tempered with a strong sense of fair play. Despite all the high levels of achievement reached and the talents being developed it has been noted that humility and respect for others is widespread.

It is a shame that all good things must come to an end and that the grammar school place will not wait longer so reluctantly YEAR 6 BOY's time at Northbourne draws to a close. We would have no hesitation in recommending the whole NPS experience to other parents. In the future we are sure to look back at the time spent at Northbourne with a smile in our hearts.

Thank you may be all we can muster at times but the above is what is really meant.

Parent of a Year 6 boy who secured a place at Sir Roger Manwood Grammar School

Thank you for your time and the courtesies you extended to us during our visit to your very inspiring and exciting school. We all had a most fulfilling time during our visit.

 - Parents

The School for me was a sanctuary in my early years and the school was my haven of peace. There was a really sense of community amongst both the teachers and pupils and many great bonds were formed during my time there.

My dreams often end up in the school grounds and dormitories and I can walk my way around the corridors as if it were yesterday.

 - A Prospective Parent

Coming to Northbourne Park was absolutely the right decision for my twins.

A Parent

"The Kraken"
Here is my poem.
It is about N.P.S
Northbourne Park School

A hundred years old it lies here,
Still as the sky,
The history of a lifetime
A historian’s dream,
To the world, as small as an ant,
But to Me it is a home, My life, as big as a million elephants,
At school my friends are always with Me,
Always somebody there for me,
A teacher for advice,
Matron to help Me when I have (apparently) broken my arm,
Mr. Riley for his incredible sense of humour,
Mr. Webb with his not so incredible sense of humour,
Mr. T to help improve my attitude on the sports field,
I love this school so much,
I cannot describe what it means to me,
N.P.S is my life,
It will always be there,
It will never leave me,
I will never Leave it.

Former pupil

Sam had a fantastic time at Northbourne Park. He has learnt a lot and been very happy as it was such a lovely atmosphere. As a family, we have very much enjoyed all of the events and it’s great to see the children develop and ability. Thank you for all of your French and Music teaching, we have been impressed by (pupil's name) French vocabulary! Thank you for everything, we will miss the school, the staff and his friends very much. 

- Year 5 pupil

First of all, I would like to thank you and all the staff for everything you have done for [my daughter]. She has left Northbourne with so many lovely memories and it was very touching to see the NAME family over from America for Speech Day – (pupil's name) was in [my daughter’s] class and it was so lovely to see them all reunited from six years ago. It speaks volumes about the ‘pull’ of Northbourne that even when families no longer have a direct connection with the school, they travel thousands of miles to come back.

Nursery Parent

From my perch surveying on one side the preparations of the strawberries and cream on the sun-dappled lawn and, on the other, following Gyles Brandreth’s speech, I felt as though I was at the prep school equivalent of Khartoum – watching the confluence of two distinct unique entities into something that is unsurpassed. 

Parent of a Year 8 pupil

Thank you too for a very successful year for [my son].  He has loved his stay with you – however brief.

Parent of a Year 7 pupil

My daughter has never been happier. 

Parent of a Year 7 pupil

Thank you for making this such a lovely year for me.

 - A Year 3 parent

I would like to thank you and tell you what an amazing year I have had at Northbourne Park. None of this would have been possible without you, because you persuaded my parents to let me come here. I’ve met so many wonderful people at this amazing school and I can’t wait to come back next year.

Year 5 pupil

We are so grateful to you for having guided [our son] through this school year with such kindness, patience, and tenacity. Northbourne Park School will remain in [our son’s] heart for the rest of his life. This experience has helped him to grow up and gain self-esteem and confidence. We would be more than happy to contribute to promote NPS and welcome you in Paris.

 - Year 7 pupil 

We want to let you know that unfortunately it won't be possible for us, because of our daily work, to visit the school one more time before our children come back. So we want to give you and all the Northbourne Park staff a big THANK YOU for everything you have done for Nicolas and Pedro during this great year. It has been fabulous for them and for us, although we have missed them a lot. We have recommended all of our friends and relatives Northbourne Park as the place to take their children in the UK.

One more time, thank you and I hope we will meet here or there sometime in the near future. With our very best wishes for you, your family and all Northbourne Park staff.

 - Parent of a 5e pupil

We just wanted to thank you and all the staff for the amazing transformation in our daughter over the short time that she has been at NPS this term. Everyone has worked so hard to ensure that she was welcomed and integrated and she has been relentlessly encouraged to shine with her true potential. We are and will always be very grateful to you for accepting our little girl into your school. We are excited about the future for her now at school because we can see that, with the consistent support of your team, she will become a little NPS success story.

Many schools claim to inspire children, but Northbourne Park actually does what it says on the tin.

 - An Overseas Parent