Forest School at our Pre-Prep

The Forest School philosophy is an important part of our school life.

The aim of Forest School is to encourage and inspire children through positive outdoor experiences. Children are given the opportunity to play and explore freely and creatively with the outdoor elements of earth, water, air and, with adult supervision, fire. They become aware of the changing seasons, the effects of weather, animals and plants in their varying habitats and the beauty and wonder of nature. They understand teamwork in action.

Another very important aspect of Forest School is the opportunity it gives children to learn about risks. Life is full of risks, some safer than others. Children learn to feel what it’s like to take a risk and understand how to judge risks.

Each class spends a weekly session in the woodland. Children are gradually introduced to using tools such as, bill hooks, knives and bow saws. They use these tools with adult supervision to create a range of things such as Christmas decorations, bug hotels, bird feeders.  An important part of each session is snack time when the children sit around the camp fire discussing what they have been doing!  It makes fascinating listening.

Children also have the chance to be involved with Forest School as a lunchtime club.

The site is always changing.  Recent projects have included creating habitats for the fauna, planting vegetables and flowers and getting involved in the RSPB Bird watch.