Hedgehogs - Year 1 (5-6 Years)

Year 1

A typical day

8.00am                         Early Breakfast Service
8.30am Registration
9.10am Assembly
9.30am Literacy
10.30am Snack followed by outdoor playtime
11.00am French
11.30am Numeracy
12:40pm Lunch and outdoor play



Afternoon activities include Geography or History topics, Science, R.E., P.S.H.E., Art and Design, P.E., Design Technology and Story time.

4.00pm Home Time



Late Service available with tea at 5pm


Children practice reading every day in a variety of ways. They will read aloud to an adult daily, take part in a Guided Reading group session with an adult, or take part in a 1-1 session with the teacher to develop specific reading skills.

The children continue to use the Letters and Sounds scheme of phonics to develop their reading and spelling skills. Weekly spelling tests are held after half term

We encourage a clear handwriting style and children work towards using a joined cursive script. We use a wide selection of literature and poetry as a stimulus for our own writing; from Traditional Stories and rhymes to modern children’s authors.


Maths lessons start with a mental and oral warm up for the whole class. The main topic of the lesson is usually practical and interactive with children using a range of responses; small whiteboards, number fans, cards, etc. to demonstrate what they are learning. Small group work may include practical activities or recording work in books.


The children benefit from lessons in French, Music and Forest School taught to a high level by subject specialists.


We encourage the children to practice their reading with their parents every day.  We use a home reading record book to record progress, and change books regularly. Children can also practice their spellings at home in preparation for the weekly test. 

Richard Smith
Year One Teacher

Class Teacher: Mr Richard Smith
Teaching Assistant: Miss Erin Pinfold, Miss Alice Hambrook