Boarding at Northbourne Park

Boarding is integral to Northbourne Park School, with a strong home from home environment flowing throughout each of the boarding houses. Led by a dynamic boarding team, the entire community lives onsite enjoying the beautiful surroundings and facilities. This dedicated boarding team provides sensitive guidance and pastoral care of the very highest quality to support pupils as they begin their Prep School lives. It is here that we lay firm foundations for the future so that the confidence of the boys and girls is enhanced as they establish their own identities within the freedom and space of a home environment. Our boarders enjoy a rich programme of activities and are encouraged to build enduring friendships and develop many skills, in particular independence, organisation and conscientiousness.

The boarding house is the place to come to at the end of the school day. It’s where the children relax and spend most of their time in the evenings. We aim to make boarding an enjoyable, useful and happy experience. It is the ideal place to learn how to share things with others, to take responsibility for their actions and to be part of a diverse community.

We encourage each child to take pride in their appearance, keep their possessions tidy and to play to their strengths while working on their weaknesses. Northbourne Park boarders are friendly, confident and supportive of each other, making the most of the opportunities given to them while giving the best of themselves.

Activities and Trips

Whilst we recognise the importance for children to have free time, the boarding team organises a wide range of activities during the week to promote friendship, team work, communication and leadership. These include wide games, social events such as discos, formal dinners and quiz nights, as well as more active outdoor games. Weekends are busy with school and trips out in the local area.

Boarding Options

There are several options available at Northbourne Park, Full Boarding, Weekly / Erasmus Scholarship Boarding and Flexi-boarding as well as occasional Sleepovers!

Full Boarding enables children to maximise on the benefits of both school and boarding life by living in the boarding house throughout term time including weekends. The school closes for half term and end of term holidays, but during the weekends our full boarders enjoy a variety of activities both on and offsite, in addition to the activities and events taking place throughout the week.

Weekly and Erasmus Scholarship Boarding is a good option for families who do not live quite so far afield. The children can reap the benefits of boarding life by staying in the boarding house from Monday to Thursday/Friday and returning to their families for the weekends. Our weekly boarders are assigned a bed of their own and a space in the house to store their belongings. As with our full boarders, they are encouraged to make their space their own and will contribute to the house as an equal to our full boarders during their time in boarding.

Flexi-boarding allows pupils to enjoy boarding for a certain number of nights per week. We also offer ‘Sleepovers’ for children who do not normally board to stay over for occasional nights in the boarding house. These are particularly popular with our day children and local families as it helps to enable the children to enjoy more of the events, musical commitments and activities available at the School. For families with increasingly busy lifestyles, work schedules and long commutes, or simply occasional evening commitments, flexi-boarding provides a safe, secure and familiar option. Often our day children choose to flexi-board from time to time in order to spend more time with their friends and peers in the boarding house. It also provides a stepping stone into boarding life for those younger or more anxious children.

Boys- Accommodation

The Boys’ residence can be found in a dedicated area within the main school building. They have plenty of space to be boys with pool, table tennis and foosball always on hand. The boys too are encouraged to personalise their dorms with posters and bed linen and of course, a teddy bear or two never goes amiss.

Girls - Accommodation

The Girls’ house is located in a purpose built boarding house set back from the main school building. The girls’ sleep in ensuite dormitories of five to six girls and the house has everything a girl could want to unwind at the end of a very busy day. Our girls are encouraged to bring pictures, posters and their own bed linen to personalise their bedroom space.

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