Pastoral Care

We place a great deal of emphasis on instilling a sense of care and respect for the needs of others both within and outside the school. Children in the senior school take on the role of "buddy" for youngsters moving from the pre-prep school, or other infant schools, and undertake to look after them and help them find their way around.

Each child in the senior school is placed in a "house" with others from across the school, and together these houses compete for various sporting and other cups throughout the year as well as house 'plus' and 'minus' points, given for work and behaviour. This is a valuable way of mixing across ages and nationalities and fosters an appreciation of team spirit.

Christian foundation

The school is officially designated as one with a religious character. The values and ethos we seek to embrace are drawn from the Christian Gospel. We have daily assemblies where we sing hymns and say prayers and where children listen to a short talk given by a member of staff or invited speaker. On Sundays the boarders are taken to church and given the opportunity to learn more about God.

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