Religious Studies at Northbourne Park

During their time at Northbourne Park, the pupils, through their Religious Studies lessons and assemblies, become increasingly aware of their values and beliefs and those of others around them. 

In addition to learning about Christianity, pupils have the opportunity to explore other major world faiths including Hinduism, Sikhism and Judaism.  We aim to harness the pupils' inner curiosity, encouraging them to ask challenging questions while building on their knowledge of religions and cultures in the world.

Listening, respect, reflection, empathy and self-understanding are all key skills developed in Religious Studies.  A safe environment of mutual respect enables pupils to feel able to express their developing ideas, and discuss their opinions with their peers.

The Common Entrance course comprises a study of Old and New Testament stories and World Religions (Christianity and Islam).  Pupils are encouraged to think about the application of Bible texts in the modern world, relating the key themes to contemporary issues.  Animated class discussions help to develop strong reasoning and evaluate skills.  The development of accurate written and verbal communication is a priority at this level.  The course provides pupils with a firm grounding for further study of religion at secondary school.

Underpinning the Religious Studies department is a commitment to provide rich, dynamic and creative lessons which the pupils will enjoy.  By the time that they leave Northbourne Park, we hope to have developed confident young people who have a fuller understanding of the diverse world that we live in and who are able to engage with it in a positive, respectful and knowledgeable way.

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