Welcome to the History department!

The subject of History aims to instil a broad sense of chronology and enquiry in every student by delivering a rigorous and multifaceted curriculum throughout their time at Northbourne Park.

This is accomplished by equipping the students with the necessary tools to successfully research, sift through evidence and argue for their point of view. All this is done against a backdrop of curiosity, independence and self-motivation which are all shamelessly encouraged in order for these diverse civilisations and societies to influence each student’s decisions about personal choices, attitudes and values.

Key Stage One History lessons are taught at the Pre-Prep school with a cross-curricular approach in mind. History is not confined to one lesson per week but infiltrates the Literacy lessons as well as other subjects where there is a natural overlap. The children of the Pre-Prep also enjoy their visits to castles, museums and local places of historical interest.

Key Stage Two and Three students are taught at the main school. Years 3 to 6 follow the QCA Schemes of Work which meet National Curriculum objectives. The ISEB Common Entrance Examination at 13+ syllabus for Years 7 and 8 is also based on Key Stage 3 of the National Curriculum and fits in with most Key Stage 3 courses.

This subject is often brought to life with fieldtrips locally and abroad to reinforce the classroom learning.

Christie Riley

Head of History