Term Dates 

Summer Term 2018

Autumn Term 2018

Boarders return: Wednesday 18th April
Day Children return: Thursday 19th April
Half Term: Friday 25th May – Sunday 3rd June
Term ends:  Friday 6th July

New Boarders Arrive: Tuesday 4th September
Boarders return:  Wednesday 5th September
Day Children return:  Thursday 6th September
Half Term: Friday 19th October - Sunday 4th November
Term ends:  Friday 14th December



Spring Term 2019

Summer Term 2019

Term starts:  Monday 7th January
Half Term:  Friday 15th – Sunday 24th February
Term ends:  Friday 29th March

Term starts:  Thursday 25th April
Half Term:  Friday 24th May - Sunday 2nd June
Term ends:  Friday 5th July




NB: These dates are provisional and subject to change

Northbourne Park Calendar

NB: Match times are provisional and subject to change.  Individual team sheets will continue to be emailed to parents.