Snow Procedure

Occasionally, snow forces the School to put in place safety measures or even close because of the potential risks to the safety of our pupils, parents and staff.


  • The School website is updated every morning at 7am in cases of heavy snow.
  • Please check these messages carefully before making journeys to School.
  • In cases of heavy snowfall we may advise that parents do not attempt to bring their children to school.
  • If the school remains open and we make any changes to the normal routine, we will advise all parents.


We ask our parents and staff to be particularly cautious when driving on narrow country lanes near to the School and to exercise extreme caution when driving on our driveways to the Pre-Prep and to the Prep School. We endeavour to salt and grit all of these areas. The Pre-Prep will run a normal School timetable although the Early and Late Service may be cancelled when necessary.

Drop Off

Please be particularly aware of both adult and child pedestrians in the car parks, which can quickly become slippery and dangerous. With regard to the drive up to the Pre-Prep, please approach the bottom of the drive slowly and follow the instructions from the Pre-Prep staff. You may be asked to drop children at the bottom and staff will walk them up the drive. Please respect everyone’s safety by not driving up to the Pre-Prep unless the driveway is clear and the staff has confirmed it is safe.


Should the weather worsen during a School day, the School will contact parents to make arrangements for pupils to leave School at an earlier time. We will also update our website accordingly. This may mean that we will run our minibus service at earlier times. We will advise all parents beforehand if we do so.


If you are unable to collect your child from School we will care for them until you are able to get in. Please remember that for those of you who live further away, we have warm and comfortable boarding facilities and always have spare pyjamas and toothbrushes!

Please do keep us informed of your intentions and we will advise where possible.

Sebastian Rees

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