There are a huge number of excellent websites which help you to develop your understanding of science. Many include fun games and interactive activities whist others contain video clips. Take a look and have fun exploring the wonderful world of science.


This website links to a range of websites suitable for children aged 4-11. They include video clips, educational games and much, much more. Why not give some of them a go?


Click on the link below and then choose science from the drop down menu (KS2 for ages 8-11 and KS1 for ages 5-7). There are fun educational games and interactive activities across a large range of the science topics covered.


If you enjoy watching video clips then the following website is the one for you:


Take a look at the following website for interactive science lessons. It is great for revising Energy and Forces as well as Living Things and Materials.


The National Geographic Kids website is a must for anyone who loves science and nature – it provides a wealth of knowledge suitable for any age group.


The following websites are more useful for children in years 7 & 8 or those in year 6 who would like to take their understanding further.


This is an excellent website using interactive simulations to explore and enhance learning, including measuring the current across different circuits.


A must see for our senior pupils revising for Common Entrance.


These BBC websites are invaluable in enhancing understanding for our senior pupils. KS3 is designed for children in Year 7 & 8, however you may need to look at the higher level, up to GCSE, if you are studying science at Level 2 or scholarship level:


Here is another useful website for Level 2 Common Entrance or scholarship level science


Explore science in a range of interactive lessons to help you understand what has been covered in class:  

You may also wish to visit the KS4 site (GCSE):

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