Northbourne Park School / St Paul Kaaso

An International School Partnership

It's exciting times for Northbourne Park School and St Paul Kaaso School as they begin to build a partnership and celebrate the coming together of these two communities. Both independent day and boarding schools for 3-13 year olds, there are sure to be many parallels between the two schools, but 6,000 miles apart, stretching from South East Kent, England to Rakai District, Southern Uganda, it will be interesting to see what they do differently.

Pupils and staff at Northbourne Park School began their journey supporting the community of Kabira, Southern Uganda in September 2013, when Share Uganda was selected as the chosen charity for the year. Share Uganda is a voluntary run organisation that works with the teachers at St. Paul Kaaso and other leading members of the village to establish and sustain community based health programs. Share Uganda is dedicated to supporting the running of a medical camp in Kabira that takes place on an annual basis, funding medical scholarships to give local health professionals the opportunity to further their qualifications, and ensuring its malaria prevention program, now entirely run by Ugandans, continues to be evaluated and expanded.

Having thoroughly enjoyed learning about and fundraising for these projects, the Northbourne Park School community is now keen to deepen its relationship with St Paul Kaaso School and place educational opportunities at the heart of the partnership.

Excited to begin the journey as partners in the development of education, Dominic Mukwaya, Director of St Paul Kaaso, said, " We are very excited about the partnership between Kaaso and Northbourne Park. NPS is going to be our first international sister, so we are very happy. However we don’t know how the beginning will be, but the beginning is a beginning and the best way to begin is to start now." 

If you would like to learn more about St Paul Kaaso and its connection to NPS, please contact us at 

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