Northbourne Park School has a thriving Art Department.

Set in the grounds of the school the Art hut is a hive of activity. The aim is to build the childrens confidence and show them that Art is integral to all subjects, and consequently the children do a lot of cross-curricular projects.

The syllabus covers drawing, painting, printing, sculpture and construction. Children are encouraged to experiment and, through this, discover that they can achieve more than they thought possible.

Over the years we have created the Eiffel Tower, London Tower Bridge the Segarda Familia and large scale paintings adorn the walls of the school.

A great deal of emphasis is placed on acquiring strong observational and sound technical skills that are the foundation of every talented young artist. Talented children are prepared for art scholarships to senior schools.

We are proactive in getting involved in external competitions such as the Hampton Court Flower show creating themed scarecrows, Haileybury School drawing and writing competition, the Canterbury Festival and whatever else takes our interest.

We work on the school drama productions to create props and generally involve ourselves in all aspects of school life.

The Art hut is always open to the pupils allowing them to finish school projects or to work on their own creations. The aim is to inspire every child to both enjoy and appreciate art in all its varied forms.

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